Products: Hand cleaning gels

Plastic case with soap sheets Bella, pink

Article No: 9417-17

Plastic case with 20 soap sheets. Wash your hands with water and use the soap sheets instead of soap.

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0,56 €/pcs
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233 pcs / 0 pcs

PET hand cleansing gel Barcelona, neutral

Article No: 3588-21

PET container with hand gel, including moisturizer and vitamin E (15 ml).

product price
0,74 €/pcs
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100 pcs / 47 510 pcs

PP hand spray Valencia, blue

Article No: 1110-05

Plastic tube with hand spray (10 ml).

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0,80 €/pcs
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95 pcs / 39 904 pcs
Decreased prices: -29%

Lanyard with spray bottle and torch, blue

Article No: 480908-05

Lanyard with plastic hand spray bottle (70% alcohol) and torch with one LED light.

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0,83 €/pcs
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213 pcs / 0 pcs

Plastic bag with 10 wet tissues Salma, white

Article No: 6080-02

Plastic, sealed bag with 10 pieces of nonwoven, pre-moistened tissues.

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0,93 €/pcs
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25 pcs / 11 443 pcs
Decreased prices: -13%

PET hand cleansing spray Elliott, neutral

Article No: 3589-21

PET credit card shaped case with hand spray (20 ml).

product price
1,38 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
103 pcs / 103 485 pcs

Hand gel (35 ml) with 70% alcohol Mason, neutral

Article No: 9367-21

PET bottle (35 ml) with hand gel, containing 70% alcohol. Made in Europe.

product price
1,84 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
36 pcs / 0 pcs

Pouch with 50 wet tissues (75% alcohol) Estella, white

Article No: 9420-02

Sealed pouch with 50 pcs of wet tissues (75% alcohol).

product price
4,12 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 4 569 pcs

Misty automatic soap dispenser, White

Article No: 12419001

Automatic liquid soap dispenser with infrared motion sensor and a white LED indicator. Capacity of the soap dispenser is 330 ml (soap is not included). Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). Delivered in a premium gift box with an instruction manual.

product price
9,27 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 2 443 pcs
Decreased prices: -59%
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